Our Cores Values

Mission & Vision

To help the quiet voices to be heard. To devote necessary time and energy to educate, advocate and to feed.

About Us  


Deaf Children are provided with the knowledge and practical skills essential to achieving personal success.


To communicate with each other and individuals within the community by teaching them ASL (American Sign Language) and proper acceptable social behaviors.

Recent Programs

We are devoted to continue to work hard to see how we can get the living conditions of individuals in Haiti changed, especially '' Deaf Individuals''. If you are interested in nowing more about our recent programs, or if you want to help us reach our goal pleas .


We are widely opened to any one, Church, school who develop the desire to volunteer with CCRON anytime throughout the year and make the difference in the lives of thousands.

Dignity & Integrity

All are entitled to be treated with respect regardless of color, Social origin or religion. Transparency and honesty are the utmost importance to our long-term success.