Vacation bible school is a week long program held once a year to expose impoverished children to Christ centered on Biblical truths and principles through creative methods of worship, teachings, prayer, games and music. If you want to consider partnering or support financially this program please CONTACT US or  click on the donate button for your gifts. 


To communicate with each other and individuals within the community by teaching them ASL (American Sign Language) and proper acceptable social behaviors.  


While CCRON primarily focuses on improving the quality of life for deaf persons, we also want to help underprivileged children in Haiti by meeting some of their most basic needs through donations and sponsorships.

Deaf Camp

Like the VBS, it’s a week long program held once a year to expose young deaf individuals to a variety of Christ centered events, camp is a place for campers to be themselves while making  friends and trying out new experiences. Holiday Camp exists for everyone, especially for teenagers with disability where they will be surrounded with people who care; the holiday camp is equipped with adaptive facilities and skilled staff.  

Pignon Christian Center for the Deaf  

A school focused on the education and professional training for the deaf in Haiti. The primary focus of the school is to not only provide a well-rounded education, but also improve the quality of life for the deaf as well as promoting healthy relationships throughout the community with deaf and hearing individuals. Please click to visit our PCCD Home for more details

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Our Core Focus