Are you looking forward to bless a child, a ministry with a ‘’CHRISTMAS GIFT”?

Well, make it the DEAF CHILDREN at Christian Center for the Deaf, in Haiti. This year we want to do something significant during the Christmas season for the kids in Haiti. We want to make the Christmas another kind of special for them, make they feel special a little bit differently. Our children mostly are in needs of some very specific things. Last year, we had the opportunity to have a little Christmas party for the kids; we gave them some toys. This year, we want to do things differently, we want to get them something significant, sustainable gifts they will hold and own all year long. Please, help us fulfill the day, help us celebrates. You want to join us in this project?

It's not difficult to make a world of difference bringing happiness to these little hearts

​We send our gratitude to those supporting these efforts. Those who support prayerfully and/or financially. May God abundantly bless you for you contributions!

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Please, send us a private email us at: we will send you the Christmas gifts list and you will have the opportunity to name your gift(s). Or go straight and click the DONATE BUTTON to make your tax deductible contributions to support our Christmas 2016 project. Thank you and may God bless you!!!