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Christian Collectivity to Reach Others’ Needs Inc. is a Youth-Led South Carolina 501(c)3 dedicated to supporting those living in vulnerable conditions. We strive to help local and developing communities to meet their basic needs through various programs.

Christian Collectivity to Reach Others’ Needs Inc. exists to enhance a better future for the individuals struggling with life’s difficulties. It’s committed to providing community development and improving the quality of life of the vulnerable. We exist to teach them how to build a heart of compassion and to provide enhanced learning conditions and favorable environments. Consequently, this program will promote an improvement in the living conditions of children, women, elderly and persons with reduced capacity. Moreover, it will empower them to become productive citizens who will be assets for their communities.

CCRON expanded its programs to serve underprivileged individuals in Haiti, so that, many lives can be changed with educational activities that focus on improving the quality of life.

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